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Florida Division of NJ Shrink Wrapping

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Shrink Wrap for Furniture, Autos, and More

Looking for professional shrink wrap for furniture? When it comes time to put away your outdoor furniture, let Veteran Detailing get the job done right. Need your hot tub shrink wrapped for the colder months? We’ll take care of that, too. We’re here for any project big or small, residential, commercial, or industrial – complete with shipping services and more.


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When you need to preserve and protect your business assets from weather, animals, or other unexpected elements, you need a commercial shrink wrapper. From wrapping outdoor furniture and equipment for seasonal restaurants or hotels, to securing goods for transport or storage, Veteran Detailing is your trustworthy source for professional shrink wrapping services.

Any size. Any shape.


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Do you have expensive backyard patio equipment, motorcycles, or anything that needs to be protected from inclement weather?

When it’s time to protect your home’s outdoor investments, Veteran Detailing has you covered. From shrink wrapping patio furniture to hot tubs, to electrical systems like your outdoor AC unit, our experts ensure each item is protected from harmful UV rays, animals, and other elements that threaten their...