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Commercial Shrink wrapping

When you need to preserve and protect your business assets from weather, animals, or other unexpected elements, you need a commercial shrink wrapper. From wrapping outdoor furniture and equipment for seasonal restaurants or hotels, to securing goods for transport or storage, Veteran Detailing is your trustworthy source for professional shrink wrapping services.

Any size. Any shape.

Shrink Wrap Solutions for Every Business Need

Our shrink wrap service is a quick, easy, and affordable way to protect your valuable commercial property. Whatever the dimensions or scope of your project, we can wrap it. No matter what type of industry — restaurants, beach clubs, schools, and more — we can waterproof, weatherproof, and tamperproof just about anything you need.

Our commercial shrink wrap service includes everything a business needs to protect its expensive equipment. We provide:

  • Industrial-grade and flame-retardant polyethylene shrink wrap
  • Recyclable shrink wrap
  • Professional installation by experienced technicians
  • Quick response and installation at your location

You can also expect:


Shrink wrap’s tight seal makes products highly resistant to dust, water, moisture, heat, cold, and UV rays from the sun. Additionally, tight, thick layers of shrink wraps can provide shock protection during transit. Food-grade shrink wraps help to retain the freshness of food items and are used quite frequently by the food and beverages industry.


Shrink wrap solutions can be used to pack things as small as plastic drinking glasses and small electrical wires, to full-fledged boats and landscaping equipment! The application of shrink wrapping is truly vast and wide, across various industries.

Call us for a Professional Shrink Wrapping Consultation

Our team provides on-site consultations and quotes based on your business’s unique needs. Call today to talk with a commercial shrink wrapper.